Hello! My name is John Bujalski, and I am a computer skills tutor! If your child or teenager is interested in learning any number of real, valuable computer skills, contact me! We can arrange private lessons and get the learning and fun started! Popular subjects include –

Intro to Programming and Game Design in Scratch (Ages 8-12)
Intro to Computer Science – What is a Computer? (Ages 8+)
Level Design and Programming With Minecraft (Ages 10-12)
Intro to Web Development With HTML and CSS (Ages 12+)
Programming in Java, C++, and Python (Ages 12+)
Game Development and API Skills with Java and Greenfoot (Ages 12+)
Design and Editing With Photoshop (Ages 12+)
Java Development and Modding with Minecraft (Ages 12+)
Game Development and Design with Unity (Ages 12+)

And much more! With private lessons, all curriculum is designed for and centered around your child. Learning at their own pace, children can unlock their creativity with technology and gain valuable real-world skills. For more information, click the links above.

 – John